• Sun. May 29th, 2022

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Don’t let COVID -19 lockdown stop you from dreaming about taking that fabulous holiday

…in fact, lockdown is the perfect opportunity to think about that next trip.

Even though travelling is off the table, for the moment, we’re still able to DREAM about and PLAN that amazing holiday of a lifetime.
I love the fun of planning a holiday, whether it be for myself and my husband or for our wonderful customers, building an itinerary can be very challenging but ultimately very rewarding.
Now is the time to be planning that holiday – a reward for working from home, getting used to having your husband/wife home every day, social distancing, home schooling and just generally following the rules during this very strange time.
Whether you’re planning a trip in Australia or a European adventure I’m here to help with your plans! Even if it’s just to ask a question about a destination – talking travel is one of my greatest passions and right now I missing the opportunity to talk about destinations!